ES File Explorer APK v4. Free Download | Latest Version [35.15MB]

ES File Explorer APK is a file manager application that helps keep your device clean and in order. It has advanced capabilities of analyzing the device storage usage, performing basing management functions, and handling files and applications. So this is an ideal replacement for your file explorer which gives you trouble.

es file explorer apk

ES File Explorer Apk is a safe and widely used file-managing app throughout the globe. Also, its multi-million users rated it highly for its amazing features and functioning. There are a number of benefits that this app can bring to you over other similar file explorer applications. You will understand its value throughout this article up to the very end.

ES File Explorer APK Download

ES File Explorer APK Features

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There are many amazing features in ES File Explorer Apk that make it superior to the other File Managers:

Easy User Interface

ES File Manager APK consists of a very easy user interface to present its functions to you. You can learn and get used to them very soon and you will not feel this application as a new or a foreign one. There will be themes introduced from time to time and you can change them as you wish. A set of instructions will be provided to the new users when they first launch the app. These guidelines cover how to use the app, how to operate the functions, and what each button means. But if you have been using this kind of application, you can move forward even without the guidelines. 

Storage Display

ES File Manager APK will show you the available memory categories of your device. Starting from the internal memory, the SD card, other connected external hardware, the cloud, and the like are included in this. It will first display some main information about these. If you want more information about the space consumption of each of these memories, you can use the ES File Explorer Apk to get in touch with that as well. 

File Organization

File organization in the app includes moving files from one location to another, copying or duplicating files to another location or to the same, deleting unwanted files, renaming files with more suitable names, sharing files with other devices or via social media, and performing other related actions. All these are presented to your fingertips in the ES File Explorer Apk interface once you select a file. The functions are easy to identify and work with, and what needs to be done next will be displayed on the screen.

File Analysis

ES File Explorer Apk can analyze files by giving you information about their usage and performance. If you find that a particular is not being used much and realize that it is not needed, you can delete these files. The Explorer can also show you the least used files and the most used files separately. This analyzing technique is an extensive one and provides you with all the details that you need to know about a file or a folder. If there is corruptible content in a file or if a certain file that you cannot open, the app will notify you about it. 

Compressed Files

ES File Explorer supports compressed file formats and will give you the opportunity to extract them then and there. This is very helpful because when you download some files from the internet, they could be compressed formats. So you need not bother, as this app can release you from stressing about that. You can also form compressed files from the available files you have in your memory as well. The compressed or extracted files can then be opened on their chosen or default running application.

Cloud Storage Support

Another wonderful benefit of the ES File Explorer Apk is that it can expand your cloud storage. It supports cloud storage in many ways and this can allow you to upload content to the cloud via the app. All you need to do this is an uninterrupted internet connection and the files will be safer and accessible on many other platforms as well. 

Application Handling

ES File Explorer Apk can help manage your applications. This is a very special feature because app handling is not available in all the file managing software. The app does this by allowing you to find out the storage that each app occupies, how often they are used, their functioning and idling levels, their related files and their consumptions, and the cache memory of these apps. By knowing this information, the device owner can directly decide on the necessity of a specific app. If you find that the cache memory is overloaded, you can clear this cache immediately. You will find the particular app working with a boost-up performance afterward too.

File Type Presentation

ES File Explorer is capable of presenting the space usage as per the file type such as images, video, documents, apps, etc. This is very helpful if you are trying to clear the memory and get more available space on your device. Say, for example, if you find that videos take up most of your space. You can check your videos through the app itself and find unwanted videos.

Built-in Media Player

There will be no need to open your media files in other applications to check them and find out what they are. If you want to open any images, videos, or audio, ES File Explorer Apk comes with a built-in media player to support your files. If you wish to watch a video in the app itself, that is also possible. You can open it, adjust the volume and brightness, and enjoy watching the video. 

Search Bar

The search bar is the easiest way of browsing your extended memory. You can type the keywords that you remember of the file if you are not sure of its exact name and hit the search button. Then all the related results will be listed for you and you can pick the correct one you need.

How to Install ES File Explorer APK?

Downloading from the Website for Android

You can download the ES File Explorer APK file from the app’s original website. So make sure you pick the correct location and download the APK for Android from it. 

After that, you should go to your Downloads folder where all the downloaded files go. Tap on the APK file and start the installation.

Allow the permission required by the app and proceed to complete the process.

Finally, after the installation, you can open the app and start managing your files and apps with it.

Downloading from the Google Play Store

ES File Explorer is available in the Google Play Store. You can directly download and complete the installation process automatically using this method. 

All you need to do is open the Google Play Store and type the app name on the search bar. Select the app with the blue icon and install it. 

Downloading the app from the Google Play Store is safer and more convenient than downloading it from the website. This is because the correct website cannot be found sometimes and your device could be in danger by this.

How To Download for PC

You can download ES File Explorer Apk to your PC using an Android Emulator like NoxPlayer, BlueStacks, MEMu, UptoDown GameLoop, etc.

So, first download the emulator, say BlueStacks for example, by visiting its website. You will find the setup file there and click on it to download. 

Then go to the Downloads folder and install BlueStacks. The installation Wizard will open. Then you have to click Next and get to the Install button to start the installation.

Allow the app permissions as requested and open the app after the installation. So now you can find the new app icon on your Desktop.

Then open the Google Play Store from your BlueStacks window and search for ES File Explorer Apk. Find the correct app and install it. The icon will be visible on your BlueStacks window. You can open the app from here and use it on your PC.

How To Download for iOS

ES File Explorer is available in the Apple App Store. So to install it, you only have to search for it on your store and click on the Install button. 

When the installation is done you can open the app and explore the boundless managing capabilities that the ES File Explorer has.

How to Use ES File Explorer APK?

  • To view the list of functions once you launch the ES File Explorer Apk, tap on the Menu button. 
  • The search bar is available at the very top of the interface as usual. Then you can use this to search for a file or folder.
  • If you want to view the additional options, these are located in the tree-dot icon towards the top-right end. 
  • On the top of the blue ribbon, there are internal storage, memory capacity, the available empty space, and details of other available storage. 
  • You also can see the “Analyze” button next to each of them. By tapping the button you can view the amount of space occupied by each file category and app.
  • The main menu contains a series of icons like Music, Movies, Apps, Images, Recorder, Documents, Sender, Recycle Bin, Compressed, etc. You can find the relevant items under each category by tapping on them.
  • When you tap open these menu icons, the ES File Explorer Apk opens a new window. Only 12 such windows can be left open on the app. To open new windows, make sure you close the older ones.

The latter functions are almost the same as the other file explorers. So you can explore the app by yourself and follow the guidelines easily.

Safety and Legality of ES File Explorer APK

ES File Explorer Apk is a proven safe and legal app. This is justified by its availability on both Android and iOS App stores.

There are no malware threats in the ES File Explorer Apk and you can use it completely offline if you want. By downloading the app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store you can stop worrying about getting files from unknown sources as well. You can allow the device permissions that the app requests from you without any hesitation.

Google and Apple companies accept the legality as well as the Privacy Policy of the app. You can also access the Explorer in any part of the world.

Pros and Cons of ES File Explorer APK


  • ES File Explorer Apk contains an easy user interface.
  • This File Explorer is available free of charge.
  • You can view and analyze the files and apps with all the information.
  • Comes with a built-in media player.
  • It can support many formats of compressed files.
  • You can perform all the basic functions on the files and apps.
  • Can manage both files and apps.


  • ES File Explorer Apk is not available for Windows officially.
  • The search bar takes a long time to generate results sometimes.
  • Popping up of advertisements when connected to the internet.

ES File Explorer APK FAQs

Is ES File Explorer Apk safe to use?

Yes, it is. This app is safe as well as legal throughout the world. To certify this to you, it is available on the Google App Store and the Apple Store as well.

Can I download it for PC?

There is no official version of ES File Explorer Apk for Windows. So if you want to use it on your PC, you can do it through an Android Emulator.

Can I play media files in ES File Explorer Apk?

Of course, you can. You can simply open the video or audio files and the ES File Explorer Apk will play it for you.


ES File Explorer Apk is an easy and efficient File and App Manager for your mobile. It is safe and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is also available for free and gives you all the benefits that a file manager can give you. So, everyone recommends this as the best File Explorer that any mobile user can have.