ES File Explorer FAQ | Top Answers & Benefits

ES File Explorer is a file-managing application that can also perform app-managing functions. It can help keep your device neatly and well organized. Since it has many important features, this is an already popular app. It has an easy user interface and is safe to use. 

Its uncountable users may have some questions about the app. So this article will answer your common questions while highlighting the value of this app to others.

es file explorer faq

ES File Explorer FAQ

What is ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer is an all-in-one file-managing and app-managing toolkit for your device. It helps you perform the basic functions that are required to handle files such as cut, copy, delete, etc. to advanced tools like backup and restore. Not only the files, you can also use this to handle your applications. The app displays the storage of your device including the percentage used by each file type and app. This will help you organize your device.  

Why is ES File Explorer Better Than the Other File-Managing Applications?

Usually in File managing apps, you do not get options to control the apps. But this is an exception for that. It has the ability to analyze your device and clean all the junk. You can clear the cache memory of the applications and ensure that they are properly running. This app is also easy and free to use. You can download it for free and use it on your device without any issues. The usage itself is the least challenging as it can be understood by anybody so soon. ES File Explorer can also add space to your cloud storage. It has a built-in multimedia player and it is known to be a very safe app for your device and you.

What are the Advantages?

There are many advantages of having ES File Explorer as your file-managing app. These are:

  • The user-friendly app interface of the app allows anybody to understand it easily.
  • This is available in the Google Play Store so it is easy to download.
  • The app is free and you can get the maximum use of it without paying anything.
  • I can handle both apps and files on your device.
  • This analyzes your device memory and clears the junk off.
  • There is an in-built media player you get in ES File Explorer.
  • The archived files can be accessed and dealt with through the Explorer.
  • You can navigate through the device memory easily from the app.
  • The search bar and other basic features are all present. 
  • You can perform advanced file management functions like backup with this app.

Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, indeed. ES File Explorer is a certified safe file explorer for you to install on your device without any doubt. It is also available in Google Play Store, which means that its legality and Privacy Policies have been accepted by Google. This is a very trustworthy fact for any app. 

There are no malware threats or private data-sharing risks in this app. Therefore, you can install and be at rest about the app. This is also a legal application. It can be used in any part of the world and there are no location restrictions for the app.  So considering all these facts, ES File Explorer is a safe app to use on your device.

Is ES File Explorer Free to Use?

Yes, it is. This file explorer is free and you can get it from both the Google Play Store as well as its official website as an APK. Either way, there are no subscriptions or add-ons that you should pay and get in the app. Neither are there any hidden fees in the app. However, there are a few Premium features that you should pay for within the app and get one by one if you need them. But if you are a normal user, the free tools will be more than enough for you.

Can I Use ES File Explorer on My PC?

ES File Explorer does not have a Windows version. But if you want to download it to the PC, you can do this with the help of an Android Emulator. You can get many Android Emulators for free from the internet. So if your PC does not have such an emulator yet, you will have to install it before you get the app.

You can install BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, MEMU, LD Player, etc. And then through it, open the Google Play Store and download the ES File Explorer. This will help you manage the PC files and apps just like on your mobile.

Is This Available for iOS?

Yes, ES File Explorer has its iOS version. You can get this both from the website as well as form the Apple App Store. Simply search for this app on the Apple App Store and you will find the app with the blue icon. Thereafter, installing it is a one-tap task.

How Can I Analyze My Device Using ES File Explorer?

The ES File Explorer is a strong storage analyzer. From its first home screen itself, you can see the available storage on your device and the ones that are connected to it. By tapping on each option, the file explorer will show you what items have occupied the space. You can view them under the categories of images, videos, audio, documents, apps, etc. From there, you can open folder after folder through the app, open files to check them and arrange them in order to save your device space. You can move files, or delete them then and there if you recognize them as unimportant. 

What Should I Do If the ES File Explorer is Not Responding?

This is a very rare situation. If you face this issue, then you should try restarting the app. If the problem is still the same, you can restart your device and see. Also, check for updates on the Google Play Store or on this site and if you find any, please update the app immediately. This will solve all your problems.

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